LEMON HAZE Co2 Oil Vape Tip Cartridge .3g- V.I.C.E.


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LEMON HAZE Co2 Oil Vape Tip Cartridge .3g- V.I.C.E. Details



V.I.C.E. cannabis oil is crafted in the heart of Vancouver Island using one of Canada’s only dedicated solvent free supercritical CO2 cannabis extractors.

Starting with organically grown medical grade B.C. cannabis buds, we use only refined whole plant full-spectrum cannabinoid oil, which retains all the naturally occurring terpenes and creates a delicious and smooth vaping experience that you’ll have to taste to believe.

Lemon Haze has been characterized as smelling of fresh peeled lemon slices with a similar taste. Its buds appear to be green and yellow with amber hairs on the trichomes, giving it the yellow tint. This strain’s THC has been measured at about 85% with a CBD of 4.38%.

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